Research, Development and Innovation

METALUSA adopts a system of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Management, in accordance with the principles of the NP 4457:2007 norm, based on a model of innovation, supported by interfaces and interactions between scientific and technological knowledge, knowledge about the organization and the market.
There are 4 areas of innovation identified in Metalusa:

1. Marketing Innovation;
2. Product Innovation;
3. Process Innovation;
4. Organizational Innovation.

3 types of interfaces where the transfer of knowledge occurs are then created:
• Technological surveillance, technological cooperation, technology forecasting Interface;
• Market (new customers, external analysis, intellectual property) Interface;
• Existing organizational knowledge (internal creativity, capacity of the organization) Interface.

Within the Information System, the organization has a specific module for the management of projects in accordance with the methodology of the aforementioned standard:
• Invention, basic design or service conception;
• Detailed drawing or pilot;
• Production test;
• Commercialization and implementation.

The organization celebrates cooperation protocols with universities (University of Aveiro), National and International Technological Institutes and Laboratories, within the technological interface, to take advantage of the existing scientific knowledge for its Research, Development and Innovation process.