METALUSA is committed to quality as a tool for continuous improvement of the organization, whether in terms of customer satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency of processes (process management), nowadays reaching a high maturity level of management for sustained success (ISO 9004).

METALUSA implemented a set of procedures to ensure the current certification of the Quality Management System according to the references from the NP EN ISO 9001, through the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (LUSAENOR).

In parallel, it has as a reference for the management of its processes indications of NP 4457 standards for Innovation, Research and Development, as well as the handling of complaints (guidelines for the handling of complaints NP EN ISO 10002).

There are also certifications for NOR 48 and ADAPT scaffolding families main articles according to the European standards EN 12810 and EN 12811 in order to comply with the requirements of these standards and remaining national and EU legislation.

In addition to these certified products, METALUSA collaborates with Certification organizations, Technical Committees and Laboratories in order to adapt other products to new manufacturing standards.


Quality Policy:

Metalusa SA’s Quality Policy is to carry out all activities dedicated to the quality of products, services and communication, complying with the requirements of the customer and legal system of the product, having as priority the sustainability of the organization, the satisfaction of our customers and continuous improvement.