Vertical Formwork / MODUTEC

MODUTEC® vertical formwork system consists of a steel profiled frame with a reinforcing structure for panel deflection prevention.

Vertically placed panels are 2,70m tall. The panels vary in width between 0,30m and 1,20m.

The formwork surface which attaches to the framework is made of 15mm thick plywood with both surfaces coated with 120g/m2 phenolic film to ensure a quality concrete finishing and panels with longer endurance.

MODUTEC® variable panels, besides allowing close the tops of the walls, are used to make the pillars. These elements are assembled in the shape of a wind mill or aided by corner latches to form pillars with variable measures every 5cm.


The rationalization efforts in vertical formwork are achieved by diminishing the necessary time to connect and fix the panels, by automatically aligning the structure and due to the possibility of moving a set of premounted panels with a crane.
Quick assembly through closures fixed alignment. MODUTEC® system modulation allows high levels of versatility in the working site. It’s a suitable system for all types of wall and support wall formwork.

MODUTEC® variable panels are assembled in a vane shape forming pillars with variable measures, every 5cm, up to a maximum configuration of 80 x 80cm. MODUTEC variable panels can also be used to form pillars with the aid of corner latches.

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