Vertical Formwork / FORTEKO

FORTEKO® system presents an extremely durable steel profile prepared to perform larger works swiftly, with a load capacity of fresh concrete of 90kN/m2.

To meet these high demands, the panel measures are 3,0m tall by 2,40m in length.

The formwork surface which attaches to the framework is made of 18mm thick plywood with both surfaces coated with 160g/m2 phenolic film to ensure a quality concrete finishing and panels with longer endurance.

FORTEKO® variable panels, besides allowing close the tops of the walls, are used to perform pillars with dimensions from 3,0×0,3m to 3,0×1,20m.


In walls formwork, the wall supports are moved with the aid of a crane, using several FORTEKO® panels tied together by alignment fasteners and other support structures in order to swiftly assemble large formwork surfaces.

FORTEKO® variable panels are used in pillars formwork, enduring concreting pressure loads of 90KN/m².
The variable panels are assembled in a windmill shape and can form variable pillars sections with a maximum dimension of 110x110cm, with 5cm.

The easy combination of FORTEKO® panels on the vertical or on the diagonal facilitates the shuttering of foundations and elevator shafts.
In the elevator shafts, the system features the formwork dismantling plate to allow the easier removal of the panels after the concreting.

Other vertical formwork