Suspended Platforms / SAFTEC

The monoblock structure of the SAFTEC® platform presents a pallet dimension of 1,75m in width, with the possibility to expand through a rear addition up to 2,5m. The maximum length of the pallet is 4,0m, and it can be expanded 1,25m in each side to get to 6,5m.

SAFTEC® suspended platform includes an autonomous system that automatically activates the safety brake when the platform is placed in the brackets. It is equipped with safety nets and the corners are protected by lateral protections, allowing safe circulation to the users.

SAFTEC® suspended platform adapts to any building configuration by disposing of a wide range of accessories for this purpose:
– Add height
– Rear Extension
– The outer corners
– Networks angle
– Intermediate network
– Support of lateral support
– Add front