Scaffolding / NOR48

It’s the modular scaffolding system certified to work in any type of façade. Because it consists of modular components, it’s very quick to assemble, very safe and effective, allowing for a significant increase in productivity through labor costs reduction in assembly and disassembly. Furthermore, its structural simplicity enables the reduction of production costs making it an economical solution. The system is fully galvanized, guaranteeing its strength and durability.
NOR 48® is a homologated product under the standards UNE – EN 12810:2005 and UNE – EN 12811:2005.

NOR 48® system forms a perfectly solid structure. The scaffolding elements are connected via bars and diagonal braces to ensure general structural stability. Wall ties connect it to the building’s façade.
The non-skid platforms and toe boards guarantee a safe and resistant working surface. Each working floor can be accessed through a ladder by opening the service platform trapdoor.

Formed by few components, it’s a simple assembly and disassembly scaffolding system, thereby offering high work productivity.

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