Engineering Structures / SHORFLEX TP

Allying personality to total safety in work, the climbing formwork Shorflex ® TP is the ideal solution to work in high buildings of any shape and inclination.

In high ground working frameworks with the climbing shorflex® TP system, the structures elevation is made by crane. With a simple concept, the climbing framework structure is easy to use and fast to assemble.
The climbing system Shorflex® TP can be suited to any building format.

Even in specific applications, the system offers high levels of safety and flexibility at any height, saving time in moving the crane due to the structure working as a single block. The climbing system Shorflex TP can be used as platform in support wall framework.

The access to the support framework platform and to the lower gangway is made without any impediments and in total safety.
The working platform is totally locked and the access system is incorporated in the structure so it can provide the maximum safety possible at high heights.

The climbing framework Shorflex® TP is a system where all the structure is guided through the building. With a single movement, the crane makes the movement safe and fast of the entire structural unit, independent of weather conditions.

The climbing framework Shorflex® TP offers cycles of regular work in all high structures and optimizes work time being able to get an excellent performance.

The system also presents a high flexibility due to an adaptation to any kind of work, including low amount of components to achieve high productivity levels in a work.

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