Engineering Structures / SHORFLEX TN

The Shorflex TN® tunnel structure comprises the upper formwork structure formed by curved Roflex® panels and the formwork trolley, which moves on steel rails to the concreting position in a rapid and safe manner.

The formwork trolley is composed of high-strength laminated profiles, is easy to assemble and highly adaptable.

The curved Roflex® panels enable the execution of radiuses as from 2.5m, thereby ensuring concreting with a wide variety of geometries.
The Shorflex TN® system is composed of reusable modular parts, guaranteeing high levels of performance.

The formwork is stripped vertically by releasing the adjustable jacks, and horizontally by removing the lateral formwork modules.

The Shorflex TN® tunnel formwork system is designed to operate with concreting loads of up to 60 kN/m².

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