Engineering Structures / SHORFLEX HT

The shoring Shorflex HT system is the suited system to work in height with the need to apply big loads, being able to show high performance.
This system allows shoring assembly with higher spacing between spans and can always show high performance.

The main components of the reticulated structure are the Perflex® profiles, which are going to make the vertical plummet and the horizontal bars connection. The diagonals use increases the load capacity and assures a greater structure stability of the shoring. The base levelers of the vertical plummets can be regulated to ensure structure stability. The adjustable forks are applied in the superior extremity of the vertical plummets and can be combined with other components to adjust the framework surface to the needs of the work.

The advantages of the shoring Shorflex HT system is given trough the characteristics connected to work in height and resistance to high loads:
• Reduced number of ground supports;
• Structure formation with spare spans with higher dimension;
• Assembling and disassembling safe and easy;
• Big sections movements without disassembling;
• System formed by modular elements of easy adaptation to different heights;
• Possibility to assemble the structure in net or with independent structures with variable spans.

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