Brace Frames / BLOCTEK

The simplicity of the structure assembly, high load capacity and integrated safety equipment are the main features of the TOWROK® system that allow it to respond to any situation concerning shoring.

The system comprises a set of security elements that allow the assembly and disassembly of the shoring towers quickly and in accordance with the EN standards – 12 813: 2004 and DIN 1055.

Each shoring element supports a load of 30kN per foot, 50kN per element and 120kN per tower.

The combination of different elements that make up the TOWROK® system allows for the assembly of 1.70 up to 10m tall shoring towers. For heights over 10m, the specific calculation of resistance and stability is required. For towers taller than 5m it is necessary to tie the elements together every 3m with Ø48×3,2mm tubes and 48/57mm fixed clamps.