The project “Modiko Passive House” comes as part of a development project and investigation of Modiko companies, Metalusa, Téketo and the University of Aveiro, with support from the 7th Framework National Reference (QREN), in order to optimize building system Modiko® to penetrate more easily in the most demanding and competitive international markets, but also wider and better prepared to recognize the added value of constructive solution.

The major goal of the company is to consolidate the concept “Modiko Passive House” so that projects meet the requirements set by the “Passive House Standard” (the standard, internationally recognized as the most demanding in terms of energy performance of buildings) and therefore also comply with the requirements that are inherent to the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD, 2010) and national regulatory thermal comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. “Passive Houses” are buildings that hold a high degree of comfort in winter and summer, achieved without having to resort to heating or air conditioning additional high-power systems – the building retains both in winter and in summer a comfortable temperature about 20 ° C or below 25 ° C respectively (temperature comfort).

A Passive House combines thus construction of bioclimatic and passive techniques (good insulation, use of passive solar energy through the glazed areas, etc.) and an active ventilation system (very low consumption) with highly efficient heat recovery, the air used inside which the logs to be extracted passive preheating the fresh air which is insufflated. The passive house Modiko® built in Oliveirinha, Aveiro, is the first building constructed of steel that meets the requirements imposed by the Passive House Standard.

The project had the technical assistance of a team from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Aveiro – Ph.D. Fernanda Rodrigues, Ph.D. Romeo Vincent and Arq.ª Ana Alves and Eng. Rui Oliveira – who collaborated with teams of IRI of Modiko® and Metalusa® in optimizing the experimental prototype and construction of the “Passive House Modiko”.
The official ceremony of presenting the results of the project “Modiko Passive House” took place on July 16 in Oliveirinha, Aveiro and was attended by the mayors of Aveiro and Albergaria-a-Velha, IAPMEI, CCDRC, Banking Entities, Architecture and Engineering offices, scientific community and general public.

In the event the experimental results were presented, the findings of the project and made the tour of the own house built according to the requirements of the “Passive House Standard”.
The house will be inhabited monitored for one year, in order to confirm the levels of consumption and energy savings by comparison with experimental results.