MetaloIbérica conducts ADAPT® assembly training at the Daivães dam

MetaloIbérica S.A. has developed an ADAPT® engineering solution for a dam in Daivões – Ribeira de Pena.
Training is one of the most important services provided by MetaloIbérica S.A. to its clients, and, as such, one of the company´s engineers travelled to the site to conduct an ADAPT® assembly training activity for the acquisition of practical expertise on the equipment.
This site, regarded as the “the biggest dam complex” in the country, belongs to a group of three dams under simultaneous construction, located in Daivães, Ato Tâmega and Gouvães. The construction project will result in the Tâmega Electroproduction System, with Iberdrola holding the concession for the production of electricity.