ADAPT® roof system in Brussels

Our Customer Logemat ended its work in a residential area in Brussels which culminated in the construction of a roof in a total of 550 square metres of ADAPT® multidirectional scaffolding.
ADAPT® is a multidirectional system and the ideal solution for the erection of scaffolding for façades and temporary roofs.
The objective of Metalusa scaffolding is to allow the works inside and outside the building while a new façade and roof are created. Besides, the scaffolding structure involves the whole building.
Metalusa’s technical department designed the whole project, both of the scaffolding and of the support structure, and the Partner performed all the operations on the ground.
The key to success in the relationship between Metalusa and Logemat goes beyond the stereotype supplier/customer… The advantage of this partnership relates with the co-creation of value between companies and also the maintenance of a healthy relationship and growth in the BENELUX!